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TitleKyŏngguk taejŏn 經國大典 [Great Code of Administration]
Topic1. Code and commentaries
Historical periodChosŏn period
Reprint (year of)1613

This administraive code of the Chosŏn dynasty was commissioned in 1458 by King Sejo and first published in 1468. By order of King Sŏngjong, it was revised successively in 1469, 1471, 1481 and finally published in 1485. The Kyŏngguk taejŏn is based on the first administrative code of the dynasty, the Kyŏngje yukchŏn (經濟六典, Six Codes of Governance, 1397), which has not been preserved, just as its implemented edition, the Sok yukchŏn (續六典, Amended Six Codes of Governance) issued in the early 15th century.
Together with its two supplements, the Taejŏn songnok 大典續錄 and Taejŏn husongnok 後大典續錄, the Kyŏngguk taejŏn became the standard set of fundamental statutes until the early eighteenth century.
The present edition is a reprint of 1613 preserved in the Kyujanggak Institute for Korean Studies.

[This description is adapted from Chaoying Fang. The Asami Library: A Descriptive Catalogue (Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press, 1969), 100-101.]

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