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TitleSugyo chŏngnye 受敎定例 [Edicts Enacted as Precedents]
Topic3. Regulations collections
Historical periodChosŏn period
Publication typeManuscript

A supplement to the penal code compiled towards the end of Sunjo's reign (1800-1834). Two versions have been preserved. The most complete version contains 103 articles based on royal decrees issued between the years 1632 and 1825. It is preserved in the Kyujanggak Library (奎 12407).
The other version only contains 98 articles based on royal decrees issued between the years 1672 and 1822. Appended are first, twenty-three additional articles, and second fifty-seven articles in the Great Ming Code, each with some changes for application in Korea. This latter version is preserved in the Kyujanggak Library (古5120-176) and the Asami Library.
The condition of the book in the Asami Library betrays a great deal of use. The inside of the cover are reinforced with old coroners' reports, indicating that the original owner of the book was someone connected with a court of law. 

[This description is adapted from Chaoying Fang. The Asami Library: A Descriptive Catalogue (Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press, 1969), 127.]

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